Without demonstrable impact, all of our plans amount to nothing.  At Arena Partners, we think great plans should always deliver commercial, environmental and social impact – that’s what we call creating shared value.  Being able to account for and demonstrate that impact is vital and we’ll help you communicate your impact in ways that connect with your internal and external stakeholders.  We have decades of experience in providing efficient processes for measuring and communicating impact and in creating compelling tools to tell the story of the impact of which you are rightly proud.

Case study

Community Shop  >

Winners of 2018’s Social Impact Report award, this microsite was researched, written and designed by Arena Partner Gary Stott, as part of his role as Director of Community Shop.  Gary has led the strategy development and the operational team at Community Shop for over four years now, developing the innovative Community Leadership programme that is now offered across the UK.

Examples of our work in impact measurement are:
  • Community Shop
  • Mondelez
  • Flagship Group
  • Incredible Edible
  • Veteran’s Artisan Bakery