Once you have clarity and agreement on your strategy, you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and get cracking delivering it.  But your team are stretched and (let’s be honest) if they could have done this, they already would have.  So let us add capacity and capability to your team and we’ll get the ball rolling with you.  We always work alongside your team though, coaching, mentoring and keeping everyone focused, so that your team is stronger when we leave. 

Case study

Good Food Barnsley CiC

Chaired by Arena Partner, Gary Stott, the Barnsley Food Access Group developed the vision for “Building a better Barnsley where everyone has the right to the food they need to thrive”.  Initially built around the food bank concept in response to emergency need for food, under Gary’s leadership, the current vision moves away from the use of ‘poverty’ which creates a negative mindset and has been informed by academic research, best practice from UK regions and the aspirations of the local community. This led to the development of Good Food Barnsley CiC, a coalition of statutory and community partners with a strategic focus on developing a ‘Food Ladder’ and healthier, happier, involved residents with access to the food that they need to thrive. Working across the Local Authority, Public Health, national organisations and over 20 voluntary and community partners, this partnership is an example of strategic alignment and delivery across a borough-wide collaboration of partners. The output has been not only that Barnsley was the best performing borough in terms of children’s access to summer holiday provision but that it’s co-ordinated approach to food provision is leading the way in systems integration for food access.

Some of the clients we’ve worked with, delivering their new strategy alongside their existing teams:
  • Good Food Barnsley CiC
  • Community Shop
  • The Abbeyfield Society
  • Fair by Design
  • OrangeBox