Transformation comes in stages and each stage is important in achieving a planned outcome.  At Arena we have developed the unique 5D model to navigate the process of innovation and transformation.  We define clearly what needs to happen.  We work with clients to embed new thinking into existing structures, to create evolution rather than revolution, where appropriate, but sometimes the change process needs to be from start to finish – a complete end-to-end transformation.  Whichever is needed, we drive hard for success, always remembering that we deal with people and not machines and so we tread lightly.

Case study

Incredible Edible  >

After Arena Partner, Sarah Dunwell secured £500k of grant funding for the organisation, Gary Stott took the lead and over 18 months steered through a rebrand of the organisation, the development of a new website, the recruitment and management of a team of Regional Co-ordinators and the growth of the organisation through the setting up of new community groups, seeing a 52% growth of active participants in one year. Supporting the Board in delivering a full organisational restructure to place them on a secure foundation for future growth and impact. Developing a suite of assets including podcasts, online resources and social media groups allowed Gary to draw together the activity of the grass roots movement through a clear mission and shared strategic focus.

We’ve been involved in system-wide transformation projects with:
  • Incredible Edible CiC
  • Barnsley Borough Council’s Anti-Poverty Board
  • House of St Barnabas
  • National Housing Federation