This is one of our greatest strengths, where we really come into our own. Looking at challenges from every angle, listening to your aspirations, understanding the world you want to see and finding the possible routes to get you there.  Looking at your business with fresh eyes, thinking in new ways about business models, modes of travel, collaborative models, cross-sectoral partnerships and digital solutions, we find the most innovative and sustainable ways to get to the place you want to go. 

Case study

The Luminary Programme  >

Working with a long-standing client, Arena Partners were brought on board to support with the impact evaluation of a £2M DEFRA funded project called ‘Harnessing Harder to Reach Surplus’. This project involved writing a full evaluation for DEFRA and producing a public facing summary of the learning of this programme. We were then asked to write a toolkit of resources resulting from the evaluation of the programme.

Working with multiple stakeholders this commission resulted in the production of The Luminary Programme, a toolkit and mentoring programme supporting emerging leaders and change makers in the UK food industry, aimed at developing new innovations in food loss and surplus management. Working with 14 companies, including Unilever and Amazon, we piloted the programme and delivered the first cohort of Luminaries in 2020, gaining significant traction across the UK food industry.

We’ve applied our innovative thinking to projects with:
  • The Luminary Programme
  • Community Impact Partnership
  • Company Shop Group
  • The Flagship Group
  • Onward Homes
  • Liverpool City Council – Homelessness Transformation Plan